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Crossing the Lynn Canal

4 minute read

We left Juneau towards Gustavus on Sunday. Well, it was really on Monday. Let me explain.

Of Sun And Winds

7 minute read

On Monday we left very early the beautiful Five Finger Lighthouse trying to catch low winds and a high tide that would make it easy for us to leave the rocky...

Little Bering Sea

9 minute read

The fishermen in Petersburg warned us. The area of the Inside Passage we wanted to paddle on our way to Juneau can get pretty rough. Our route would take us ...

Fishing Towns and Spring in Sight

6 minute read

We booked tickets on the ferry to skip ahead to Wrangell. It was the same sailing we were supposed to catch in late March from Bellingham that was delayed by...

Lingering Winter

5 minute read

Last Monday we left from Ketchikan towards Wrangell, our very first section. Things went well, but we decided to turn around about half way at Yes Bay. Winte...