We would like to thank the many people that have helped us without their support and help, this expedition would not be possible.

When planning the trip, we reached out to Erin McKittrick and Bretwood Higman, Roman Dial, Luc Mehl, Caroline Van Hemert, and Andrew Skurka. They patiently answered our questions and gave us a ton of suggestions on gear and route selection.

The logistics of such a trip are quite complex, and we couldn’t do it without many of our friends that will be helping us along the way:

  • Macarena Ramirez Roca, who is going to send us all our food to our resupply points.
  • Our ground team, composed of Catherine Nelson, Amy Ravenhorst and Oriol Caudevilla, Mark Yatskar and Breanna Draxler and Theo Holt, who will receive our Garmin Inreach messages daily and help us in case of an emergency or find answers to questions we may have in the field.
  • Carlos Toledano, Ricardo’s brother-in-law and an atmospheric physicists, who is going to send us detailed weather reports if needed.
  • Serefhan Yas, who will keep an eye on our house while we are away.
  • Jason Semler, the owner of the Alaska Expedition Lodge , who has gone above and beyond to help us have food shipped to his lodge before he opens it.

We also thank Eric and Bea Stollnitz, creators of Pixelicious Planet, for discussing photography options with us.

Last but not least, we thank our families and friends for still meeting us even though all we could talk about was how we count calories, small details about the route, or detailed considerations about gear. Without your mental support this journey would be so much harder!