We are going to Alaska!

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We are going to Alaska for a 6-month, human-powered adventure that will take us from the Southernmost corner of Alaska all the way north to the Arctic. Besides walking, we will carry a packraft, a small inflatable kayak, to paddle through the Inside Passage, cross large bodies of water and float down rivers throughout Alaska. We will start in Ketchikan, the Southernmost corner of Alaska, and end in Kotzebue, in the Chukchi Sea. On the way, we plan to walk the whole length of the Lost Coast, traverse the St Elias, Wrangell, Alaska and Brooks ranges, and touch briefly the Arctic. For the most part, we will not be following roads or established trails, and route finding and bushwacking will become our biggest challenges.

We have been dreaming of doing a crazy big adventure for several years, and we are finally pulling the plug. This was an extra hard decision, due to the covid-19 pandemic. We hope that the remoteness of the places we will travel won’t put ourselves or others at risk.

We plan to share our experience on this website, including documenting the route planning process, our gear selection and more. We will also set up social media accounts to make it simpler to follow our steps. We are leaving at the end of March, taking the Alaska State Ferry from Bellingham to Ketchikan. You can learn more about our route here and about us here. Stay tuned for more!

A map of our trip -- Seattle is on the bottom right for reference!



Jim Puckett

We at the Basel Action Network (BAN) where Salomé was last employed, are very excited to follow you guys on that “little” red trail. It’s going to be quite an adventure! And we iam to bring any stories and photos into our staff meetings as you post (whenever you stumble on wifi up there). Wishing you an amazing and fulfilling journey.


I’m at least as excited as Jim is above.. but I add a soft layer of jealousy to it :-) I hope it will be as amazing as it sounds ! enjoy.. and I look forward to following you. and, more than anything.. to hear the stories when you back :-)